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Personal Finance: The Basics

Corporation Owners

Life and Money


Canada Pension Plan

Financial Planning is a massive topic.

Creating reading material for every topic would be a full-time job in itself.

My full-time job is helping people like you make high-quality decisions, challenging my own conclusions, similar to what I do for clients, and ensuring I have up-to-date knowledge and the skill set to provide the best advice.
I often get asked for reading material. I understand that finding reliable information can be challenging. Fortunately, there are others who help people make decisions based on evidence. It is becoming more common among wealth management firms once they break away from the profit-first nature of banks and truly put clients’ interests first.

I have compiled videos, articles and research papers from various reliable sources.

Happy Learning!

Personal Finance: The Basics

Wealth Simple Investing Master Class

Introduction to Evidence Based Investing - RockWealth

"Investing is going to be important to you whether you like it or not and learning more about investing is going to have a big impact on your quality of life if money is something that you need in order to meet some of your goals." - Bill Ackman

Finance Simplified: How the data suggests you should invest.

Corporation Owners


Efficient Investing in a Corporation & RDTOH

Salary and Dividends From the Corporation

Optimal Compensation, Saving, and Consumption for Owners of Canadian Controlled Private Corporations

Salary vs Dividends - Take 15 Minutes and Learn to Pay Less Tax 🍁

Life And Money

In 1998, Bill Schultheis wrote The Coffeehouse Investor, inspiring readers to pursue a low-stress path to financial security.

A financial plan is used to understand your current financial position and plan how to achieve your financial goals. The best place to start is the end.

The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness


Permanent Life Insurance - PWL Capital

Infinite Banking - Phillip Setter

Infinite Banking - Money

Insurance Basics - Loonie Doctor

Canada Pension Plan

The Substantial (and Unrecognized) Value of Waiting to Claim CPP/QPP Benefits

CPP is More Valuable than Most People Realize

Actuarial Report on the Canada Pension Plan

CPP: A Pension or A Tax? - Loonie Doctor

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