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Financial Planner Making Data-Driven Decisions.

No guessing. No gut feelings. No BS.

My name is Tré – I’m a Financial Planner who loves the truth. Why does that matter? Because when it comes to math and numbers, that’s the only thing that matters. I use data to think critically so my clients don’t have to look at and weigh thousands of options trying to get the best results. My process for financial planning is proven, repeatable, and reliable.


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Saskatoon Refined Lifestyles Magazine
SK Teachers Federation article on financial planning.
BC Teachers Federation article on financial planning.

I'm Up For The Challenge

Growing up, I lived with different families in the foster care system. This allowed me to see how other families approach money and the impact of those choices. I will always be very grateful to the family who showed me I am in control and my choices matter. This is the impact of financial planning.

From these experiences and my own path to creating wealth for the first time in my family, I’ve learned how to look at finances objectively. I share this unique view with my clients, a repeatable, consistent way to create wealth. I use this understanding to help clients make choices that give them the best chance of success. Everyone’s story is different, but the principles remain the same.

Financial Planning is about making high-quality decisions to give yourself the best chance of success.

Tre Bynoe Financial Planner in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Corporation Owners

Specialized financial planning services tailored for corporation owners, designed to optimize personal and business financial health for sustainable growth and efficiency.

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Speaking Engagements

Engaging and informative financial presentations delivered at your business or event, covering various topics to empower your team with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

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Do It For Me

I prioritize evidence-based strategies. We create a transparent, personalized financial plan for you, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed at every step.

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Pro Bono Work

Committed to making financial advice accessible to all, I offer pro bono services to individuals in need, drawing from personal experience to provide support and guidance to those without the means to obtain it otherwise.

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Hourly Advice

Flexible, hourly financial consulting services offering expert advice on specific projects or decisions, perfect for those seeking guidance without long-term commitment.

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