✔  Reduce Taxes

✔  Invest Smarter

✔  Retire Successfully

Who You Are

You’re a corporation owner. You’re an expert in what you do and don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of financial planning for you and your business. You want to be tax efficient, plan for what-ifs, and make financially sound decisions for your family and the corporation. Your personal and business life merges so the advice you receive should too.

Busy business owner talking with financial planner
Tre Bynoe sitting forward on chair

Why Tré?

Certified Financial Planner Chartered Investment Manager | Responsible Investment Specialist

What I do

I create frameworks that help corporation owners and their families achieve success efficiently.

How I do it

I work with your accountant to create a framework for decision-making that gives you the best chance of financial success. My plans are based on facts, not opinions. With my framework, you can focus on your business while I work with your accountant and lawyer to help you succeed.

What makes me different

It’s all about the numbers. I am a data-driven financial planner, always seeking ways to refine and improve. How do you know if we should talk?

• If you have not considered taking your first $170,000 of income from your business as salary, we should talk.
• If your current advisor has never spoken to you about buy/sell agreements, we should talk.
• If your advisor has never brought up tax efficiency while investing inside a corporation, we should talk.

It’s not that your current advisor is necessarily bad; financial planning around corporations adds a new layer of complexity that the average advisor is ill-equipped to handle.

I believe in preparation over prediction. My Safety First approach focuses on preparing for worst-case scenarios in the market while still taking advantage of the growth investing can provide.

This website will walk you through my no-cost, no-obligation process to show you exactly how I help create a successful retirement. I am not the right fit for everyone, but learning my process will give you a framework to evaluate other firms you may be considering and help you decide to work with me confidently.

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