What I Do & Who I Serve

Living for today while planning for tomorrow.

My Process


Phone, email, or book online for a free 15-minute consultation

1st Meeting

We’ll have our first meeting, either in person or virtually


I’ll come up with a plan on how we can achieve your goals and give you action items

2nd Meeting

We’ll go over the plan together, and we’ll discuss the details and logistics of it

Sleep On It

You’ll sleep on it and decide whether or not you want to continue the process


If we decide to continue working together, we’ll implement changes and review your goals regularly

Who I Serve

Corporation Owners

I help corporation owners and their families with complex needs.

Diligent Savers

You believe saving for the future is important.  You save not only for retirement but for opportunities today.

Nice People

It might sound cliché, but I only work with genuinely nice people—people I’d be happy to have meet my family.

Looking For An Expert

You understand the success of your retirement is too important to do it yourself, and you understand the value of having expert guidance.

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