What I Do & Who I Serve

Living for today while planning for tomorrow.

My Process


Phone, email, or book online for a free 15-minute consultation

1st Meeting

We’ll have our first meeting, either in person or virtually


I’ll come up with a plan on how we can achieve your goals and give you action items

2nd Meeting

We’ll go over the plan together, and we’ll discuss the details and logistics of it

Sleep On It

You’ll sleep on it and decide whether or not you want to continue the process


If we decide to continue working together, we’ll implement changes and review your goals regularly

Who I Serve

Corporation Owners

I help corporation owners and their families with complex needs.

Diligent Savers

You believe saving for the future is important.  You save not only for retirement but for opportunities today.

Nice People

It might sound cliché, but I only work with genuinely nice people—people I’d be happy to have meet my family.

Looking For An Expert

You understand the success of your retirement is too important to do it yourself, and you understand the value of having expert guidance.

Project-Based Advice Made Easy

Approaching retirement? Buying an investment property? Planning a wedding?

There are many instances in life when you might want expert financial advice, but a full-service relationship doesn’t fit your needs.

I offer an hourly rate so people can work with me on a project-like basis. We’ll start with an initial free consultation where I’ll give you a quote on how long your project will take, what I need to do, and what you need to do.

Pro Bono Work

I offer pro bono service and advice to those who need help but don’t have access to resources the same way others might.

As someone who grew up in the foster care system, I want to help give back to those who really need help. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, book a free 15-minute consultation.

My Expertise

Cashflow Management

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Cash flow management is the cornerstone of sound financial behaviours. The first thing I teach my clients is to pick what you spend, not what you save or invest. Creating a money management framework is your first step toward financial freedom.

Net Worth Projections

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How do you make decisions? Most people weigh the pros and cons. With finances, however, it isn’t easy to see the long-term consequences of a decision. Networth projections help attach something tangible to a choice. Do I spend $60,000 on this new truck, or do I wait two more years? Does it affect my ability to meet my goals in the future, or does it not matter? These are the types of questions we’ll answer using net-worth projections.

Ethical Investing

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Ethical investing means different things to different people. From halal investing to fossil-fuel-free investing, I specialize in aligning your portfolio to your values. Beyond the personal side of ethical investing, I incorporate an ESG (environmental, social and governance) responsible approach in all of my recommendations based on the belief that better quality companies will rank higher in these areas.

Education Savings

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Education is expensive, but it can also be life-changing. We need to plan for it.


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Retirement, for many, is the time when they can live life on their terms. Unfortunately, many still spend it with financial constraints restricting what they want to do. I help prepare and guide you through retirement, removing these constraints and worries and providing peace of mind.

Charitable Giving

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The majority of wealthy individuals see giving back as a duty, such as supporting their local church or the local symphony. Perhaps, it’s giving to the children’s hospital or a dog shelter; many of these are noble causes. These gifts can be planned for, giving you the ability to financially maximize the contribution to both you and the receiving charity.

Tax Efficiency

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Taxes are unavoidable. Minimizing your portfolio’s tax burden is essential because unnecessary taxes on a portfolio will cause lower returns. We will use many strategies to control this, from delaying capital gains, tax-loss harvesting, correct asset location, and account selection.

Pension Plan Management

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For many, their pension plan will be the largest pool of money they have. Ensuring it’s invested with your pension provider appropriately can have massive consequences. The difference between retiring early and not being able to retire can be the tick of a box in your welcome package.

Estate Planning

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Everyone dies. The legacy you leave behind is what’s important. Whether that’s looking after a loved one, gifting to a charity, or some other after-death goal, you must make these decisions early and review them often.

Financial Behaviours

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Financial behaviours dictate our lives. We grow up with beliefs about money that we don’t even realizebut these beliefs shape our actions and thoughts. For many people, just the awareness of these beliefs can empower them to make better decisions. Dr. Brad Klotz refers to these as money scripts.

Investment Management

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My investment philosophy is evidence-based and straightforward. I believe markets are efficient because that’s where the data points.

Insurance Needs

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Insurance-needs change throughout your life. I ensure my clients understand how to protect what matters most to them.

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